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          I am an independent children's writer and illustrator from Cardiff, Wales. I started to write children's stories for my young daughters, twelve years ago. Three years ago I decided to teach myself how to draw and illustrate my children's books. I am still learning and improving. I am a secondary school teacher, having other career experiences as an IT specialist with IBM. Previous to this trained to be a publican and even spent time as a carvery chef.  


          In my first children's story I created the loveable character Curly Octopus, he was joined by his sea friends Blue starfish, Claude crab and Sandy seahorse. In his first sea adventure 'Curly octopus and the treasure chest.' Curly rescues the other sea creatures from great peril until he needs help!

            In the Marvin Hippo stories, Marvin liked two things, sleeping and playing in his muddy pool. I  have written other Marvin and Curly stories and I have also written for young adults 'The Snow Globe' and 'Jack Daw and the missing bird seeds', a famous bird detective.

I am presently focusing on writing, illustrating and producing two of my stories, a 24 page children's story 'You can't eat me' and a 32 page story called 'Curly Octopus and the Treasure Chest'. Wish me luck!

            I am also a member of the South Wales Branch of the Society for Children's Books Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).


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